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A girl at school


I really like this girl, I get really excited when he comes to school. She’s nice, funny and she thinks I’m pretty cool too! She doesn’t know about me. I don’t think I should tell her though I don’t know how she’s gonna react.




It is such a personal decision – choosing to share your orientation with others. The most important thing, before telling anyone, is to make sure you feel comfortable and safe with that person and anyone else that she may tell. Letting friends know about this important part of your life can help you feel less alone and possibly give you new friends and people to date. That is certainly a positive!!

You have some concerns about how she will react. That is understandable. Have you ever talked about LGBT issues with her? Do you know how she feels about gay or lesbian relationships in general? One thing you could do is start a conversation with her about an LGBT actor or character in a movie/tv show. That could help you to know how she might feel if you choose to tell her about yourself.

Whether she ends up being just a friend, or more than that, the important thing is to be honest, respectful and kind to each other. Be open to her thoughts, opinions and choices and hopefully she will be with yours too. I would like to invite you to join us on TrevorSpace ( This is our online social networking site for LGBTQ young people. It is a great supportive community where you can connect with others who might be having the same questions and experiences as you are having. We also offer our Lifeline(866-488-7386), TrevorChat and TrevorText. For more information on these (and lots of other good stuff!) visit us at

I wish you all the best. Take Care!