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Can I be both bi and pansexual?


Can I be both bi and pansexual? What’s the difference between them? Because I think I’m both bi and pansexual, but I don’t know if people will take me seriously, as in, does both bi and pan exist? In the same person? Thanks, I just a bit confused.

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You asked a fantastic question, and one that deserves exploring. I’m glad you decided to reach out to us! It is very natural to have many questions about your sexuality as you get older, especially because there seem to be so many different sexual identities out there. It can get confusing sometimes! Its great that you have discovered you’re a part of this beautiful diversity, and I hope I can bring you some clarity about your sexuality.

Bisexuality and pansexuality are terms that can mean different things for different people. For some people, the terms cover the same idea. For others, they mean different things. Bisexuality is commonly thought of as being attracted to both men and women while pansexuality is commonly thought of being attracted to people regardless of their gender. However, these terms are not concrete and strictly defined for all people who identify as either bisexual or pansexual.

Whether you think you are both bisexual and pansexual is really up to you! If you don’t feel comfortable labeling yourself as one or the other, perhaps describing yourself as both makes more sense to you. Trust your own judgment.

Please take a look at this page, as it explains the difference between “gender” and “sex.” You may also want to click here (this page explains the difference between bisexuals and pansexuals more in-depth). Also, if you are feeling alone or you want to chat with more like-minded people who may have the same questions, please create an account with TrevorSpace. Its free, private, and is a great place to make friends! Please call 1-866-488-7386 if you are in crisis or need to talk to someone.

Remember that it is completely okay to question your sexuality and to ask others whom you trust, about your sexuality. Don’t hesitate to write to us again if you have further questions.


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