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Hey, I’m a pretty confident male, however, I’m confused about my sexuality. Ever since adolescence, I’ve liked girls, however, I’ve also liked guys who are more masculine and ripped. But recently I’ve noticed that my liking of guys is not purely sexual.

I’ve noticed that I like ‘some’ guys because I really admire their physique, and I actually want to be like them. That somehow translates into that I actually want to be as close to them as possible.
So, I’m confused as to what to make of this, as I don’t want to get physical with a guy, however, I get turned on by both gay and straight erotica.


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Hi A,

Thank you so much for your letter, and taking the step to reach out for some guidance and support. It can be really tough to talk about your sexuality, so thank you for being so courageous. I want to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with being confused about your sexuality. I imagine that it must be a little scary, anxiety-provoking, or even frustrating to try to “figure out” who you like or who you are sexually attracted to. It sounds like you while you are attracted to girls, you may find men (specifically physically fit men) attractive as well. Who you are attracted to comes in many different ways including who you are attracted to physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually. You may be sexually attracted to both men and women, which is completely okay.

A great resource that may be helpful is It’s a great website with information and guidance on what you may experiencing right now, and may have some more answers to the questions you currently have. Another great resource is Advocates for Youth. They have a wonderful article on bisexuality: It also may be helpful to share your questions and experience with someone you trust like a best friend, guidance counselor, or even a teacher you know really well. It can great to have support from people you know who will hear you. Remember to always feel safe and comfortable before sharing, and there is no time table to when you should share.

I hope these resources help. Remember, what you are experiencing right now surrounding sexuality is completely natural. It may take some time to ask yourself some questions, and even have some support from people whom you trust. Remember, you are loved.

Trevor Staff