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could anyone help me find a lgbt freindly clinic around where i live? ive been searching for along time


so as my title indicates, this isn’t me necessarily being in a crisis, but i am in a bit of a bind, im currently stuck in hemet which is kind of like the ass end of nowhere. upon searching i found a locationally relevant letter @ and i was wondering if there are any clinics around? i’ve been self medicating hrt for some time but some issues have made me realize that it needs to change. i’d really appreciate the help

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Dear Katie,

Thanks for taking the time to write AskTrevor.  We are more than happy to help you out and never hesitate to write again if you ever have any questions!

We did a little research on finding LGBT clinics in your area.  There are three that are within an hour of where you live.  There are two in Palm Springs, CA and there is one in San Bernardino, CA.  In Palm Springs, CA there is the ‘LGBT Community Center of the Desert’ (611 S. Palm Canyon Drive Suite 201 Palm Springs, CA 92264), 760-416-7790 and the ‘Greater Palm Springs LGBT Pride’ (777 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Suite 102, Palm Springs, CA ) 760-416-8711.  These are about 51 minutes away from where your town.  The other center, The Center Inland Empire, is in San Bernardino, CA (1374 Waterman Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92404) 909-754-3643.  All of the centers listed above have websites and email addresses that you can write for additional information.

LGBT clinics are not the only way that you can get connected and get help.  TrevorSpace is a LGBT-friendly, bully-free social network that you are more than welcome to join.  You can get connected to others in your area or around the world who can help be supportive with any issues that you are going through.  TrevorChat is yet another program that you could get involved with if you wanted to talk to someone over instant messaging and get help.

Lastly, while you were inquiring about finding a specific LGBT clinic, there are other places in your exact town that can help you with LGBT issues.  If you simply Google ‘counseling services in Hemet, CA’ you will see a list of different therapists that you can look into if you don’t have access to a car, or can’t make the hour long drive.  While they may not be necessarily the best for LGBT advice, most counselors have a background on how to help LGBT youth and many related issues.

While you right now don’t have any emergency circumstances in your life (which we are so thankful about) we want you to know that if anything changes or you are unable to make it to a clinic, feel free to email us again with any questions.  We hope this helped you out!  Never forget to keep living you!  We are here to help you and fight with you against any life issue!

Take care,

Trevor Staff