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Hormones for a Transboy


Dear people of the Trevor Project,

You guys have been helpful with my questions so far. The TrevorChat is great for when I have a bad day, TrevorSpace is where I can feel I can truly be myself. And AskTrevor is great for questions.

Anyways, I have another one. I don’t know many FTM’s, real life or on TrevorSpace, who take hormone injections. I’ve done research, that they can be expensive, and I understand that. but I have a simple question. I wonder if they hurt when injecting yourself with the shot, and if it does, where’s the best place (and by best, I mean the place where it will hurt the least) to inject myself with?

The reason I ask is because I plan on coming out to my mom soon, and I know in the near future I would like to start hormones. the problem is I’m terrified of needles and it’s hard to even think about giving myself a shot.

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Dear Isaac,

We are glad that you’ve found the Trevor Project to be a valuable resource for you as a young transgender individual.  We hope you continue to utilize us as a support network.

Regarding your question related to hormone injections, this is one area where we at AskTrevor can’t be too helpful.  Ultimately, your questions are best addressed by a doctor or health professional who has experience with transgender health issues and hormone therapy.  Your health and well-being are of utmost importance so be sure to consult someone who knows what they’re talking about and don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety.

Based on your location (Michigan), I’ve found a list of transgender-focused medical professionals who may be able to address some of your questions:

When you do decide to come out to your mom, know that there are several online resources that can help you and your loved ones understand what it means to be transgender.  GLAAD has a website dedicated to providing transgender resources:  Above all else, remember that you’re not alone as there are many young people just like you who are dealing with these same issues.  Please take the time to do your research and don’t experiment when it comes to needles and your health.  What I’ve sent to you are just a few resources; the topic of transgender health and hormone therapy is a very common field with many qualified professionals who can help you.  Please continue to contact us at TrevorChat or TrevorSpace if you’d like to speak more.

Thanks and stay safe and strong.


Trevor Staff