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I dont know what to think


I was brought up very babtist. But recantly i have been questioning my religon.i dont know its just so confusing.can you help me out.

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Hello, first I wanted to thank you for writing to us, sometimes just putting words to paper can help us work out things in our minds and hearts. I think my first question is what exactly are you questioning? Is it their views on sexuality? Or just in general? Hopefully I can give you some outlets to help get you some direction. First I see that you identify as straight but I have to assume you do not agree with the views of the church on certain ideas and theology regarding sexual orientation, since you have reached out to an LGBTQ source.

Despite what you’ve been taught, it’s very important to know that there is nothing wrong with being Gay and/or Transgendered and in fact, it is completely normal and natural. Even if you yourself do not identify as either you need to know this. There are many, many Gay or Transgendered people who practice many religions and continue to attend religious services. Please know that you can definitely be religious and gay at the same time. It might also help you to know that though some people, including certain religious leaders, may believe and teach that homosexuality is against the Bible and that you can’t be a good Christian and be gay or accept gay people, there are many religious leaders and members of religious communities who teach love, acceptance and equality for all of people and are supportive and accepting of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people. To learn about the Biblical scriptures that teach compassion and support for gay people, you might consider reading through the numerous guides on Soulforce’s “Resources” webpage at and also reading the PFLAG guide “Faith in our Families: Parents, Families and Friends Talk About Religion and Homosexuality” at” .This should help give you some solace in knowing that your faith and your personal views are valid and can be harmonious. Also know that it is OK to find a place of worship that is accepting of you and your personal beliefs.

I truly hope that some of this was able to give you a little less stress and a new direction. I want to encourage you to keep talking about this with those that you trust. I want to encourage you to keep us informed and let us know how we can help you in anyway. You are an important person both to you, your family and to the community at large. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Trevor Staff