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I grew up in the LDS church and I don’t understand how these two can coincide


I recently watched a video about gay and lesbian youth in the Mormon church at Brigham Young University. The video told about how they are accepted and how they found a way to combine their sexual orientation and the Mormon religion. I grew up in the LDS church and I don’t understand how these two can coincide… How does this work?
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It’s very natural to question how religion, especially the Mormon faith, can align with being gay and lesbian.  Keep in mind that being gay and lesbian is a natural part of who you are – just like any other attribute of your personality.  You may be pleasently surprised that there are many gay and lesbians who actively participate in the Mormon church in various membership roles and capacities.   Furthermore, there are many religious leaders of varying faiths and relgions who are supportive of the LGBT community.

A site that provides more detail on LGBTs in the Mormom church can be found a  I would suggest reviewing the site and reaching out to a LGBT friendly leader in the Mormon community via a local Affirmation chapter.  Additionally more information on LGBT religous resources can be found at