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Mormon religion


I recently watched a video about gay and lesbian youth in the Mormon church at Brigham Young University. The video told about how they are accepted and how they found a way to combine their sexual orientation and the Mormon religion. I grew up in the LDS church and I don’t understand how these two can coincide… How does this work?
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Hi Beth,

I’m glad you contacted Ask Trevor with this question. It’s important to discuss these issues, ask questions and be aware of the way sexual orientation affects different aspects of life, including religion. I don’t know details about LDS’s specific beliefs but any creed has moral code that guides its followers to treat one another well and cultivate love in their life.

Many portrayals in the media and opinions of individuals depict religion and sexuality as opposing forces, but perhaps they can coexist.The issues surrounding religion and sexuality seem controversial because many religious leaders condemn and forbid homosexuality. However, many others believe that both religion and a variety of sexualities can be part of ones life and at their religion core aspects believe everyone can worship. Many religions preach equality and positive treatment for all people; this has been interpreted in many different ways. “All people” can include the entire population, regardless of their sexuality.

Many people who practice a variety of religions are homosexual, questioning, bisexual or advocates of sexual equality. There are forms of religion that welcome all varieties of sexualities. There are also several organizations that have begun to help and connect individuals who would like to practice their religion in a safe space where they can be open about their sexuality. They are also valid resources for those who would just like to know more about the intersection of religion and sexuality. The Institute of Welcoming Resourceshas information, links, and event listings for anyone who would like to learn more.

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