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I have no friends and I need help

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Thanks for writing to The Trevor Project! It’s a very important step that you reached out to us, and we’re glad that we’re here for you. Those six words that you wrote speak volumes.  Growing up and your own personal growth are important issues, and you’re already showing great strength in reaching out to us.

Depending on your age, there are several youth groups in and around the Houston area that you may wish to explore. In these you will find young people who are going through the same experiences as you, in addition to adults that you can trust with your problems and feelings. If you haven’t already done so, and you feel comfortable doing it, your school probably offers a school counsellor or social services office that you may want to explore. Or maybe there’s a trusted adult (favorite aunt or uncle, clergyperson, teacher) that you feel comfortable talking to.

In Houston, you may want to contact HATCH,, which serves the entire area with a wide array of services and support. They are always confidential, and will happily direct you to a program or service that will help you along your growth path.They have an incredible reputation, and are available 7 days a week.

And of course, please feel free to continue to stay in touch with us here at The Trevor Project, including TrevorChat, TrevorSpace, and The Trevor Lifeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR. We’re always available for you, and care about what’s going on in your life.

Trevor Staff