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NPR interviee with transgender teen


Hi! I am an ali for LGBTQ. I was listening to NPR and they did a piece about transgender students in a school. The school kept saying things about protecting the kids. And then they started talking about one particular student, born male and identifying as a female. She asked for a cheer uniform with male pants and a female top, and was crushed when they gave her an all male uniform. They interviewed her and I just wanted to mention a quote from her.
‘It’s hard to find yourself when the person you’ve found isn’t the person society wants you to be.”
I just cannot fathom how she must feel, putting her best self out there with confidence and her school putting her down and not letting her be who she wants to be.




Hi Kinzy-

Thanks a lot for writing into the Trevor Project! We really appreciate you being an ally for the LGBTQ community!!

That’s a really unfortunate story you heard about on NPR. On top of the stigma of being a sexual minority such as L, G, or B, transgender youth have even more problems heaped onto that in situations such as this where they are being forced to gender identify. :(

Here at the Trevor Project, we try to connect with LGBTQ youth and help them as much as we can through all of the issues that can arise with being one, especially in preventing them from harming themselves. If you are interested in volunteering for us, there are always opportunities to do so! Here is a link for that:

Thanks again for your note and for being an ally!

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