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Hi. It is me again, Selen. I’ve already wrote you few letters, and you replied them sincerely, you really helped me.
At beginning I even considered suicide. I was so alone and I all needed was a friend. Then I came out to my friend, she rejected me. Think how horrible it was for me! There was noone to talk, except YOU. You helped me again.
I was so depressed, I accidentally came out to other friend. But it got better. She listened me, helped me, hugged me and did everything I needed from a friend.
Maybe you don’t understand why I am telling this. I want to show everyone who comes here for help will get that help! It gets better. It doesn’t get better in one day, but day after day, you will find a way to solve all of your problems. Just wait for that days, ask for help when you need it and never lose your faith in yourself.
Dear Trevor team, I want to thank you again, for being there and for caring. I don’t know who you are, but you are great people! Keep doing what you are doing and never stop fighting for young souls.
Wish you the best, S.

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Dear Selen,

Thank you so much for your authentic, genuine, and absolutely beautiful letter. It sounds like you’ve experienced some difficult times in your life, and you were able to still reach out for help and support. You showed courage, compassion for yourself, and awareness of what is currently going on in your life, and moved towards a direction of love and guidance. You are so right, it does get better! I’m so happy that you were able to be in touch with other members of the Trevor Team. Know that if you ever feel like you need another listening ear, that you can always reach out to us again. And if there anyone that you know that may be struggling with similar challenges in their life, I hope that you can support and empower them to seek support as well. Good luck with everything, and know that you are ALWAYS loved.

Trevor Staff