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The monster


Dear Trevor

This Number I dont know who this person is but it got my number from facebook (since the first harassment I took it down)……So Lets just call this person “The Monster”
The Monster has done this once before try and break me and my partner apart
by sending text messages like “I’ll lie to you bf and say that you were with me all day” and etc.
But my Partner scare The Monster off
A couple weeks passed and not a single word from The Monster
It was until today that me and my partner were arguing and I didnt know why, Until he told me that someone sent him a message saying I have been cheating on on my partner with The Monster and soon after the monster sent a message saying “I told you I would break you two apart” and from there everything went out of controle
I did not have a single clue of what was going on, I did do some looking into it a lil while after and check for the area code (509) and it came from washington some where that I have never been too. Then I learned the me and my partner (if we are even together still) were slowly breaking and we stopped talking awhile ago so I woke my mother up and started to cry and cry and she asked for the number so I gave it to her and up until now I’m so comfused, broken hearted, and thinking about hurting myself (immature I understand) . I know that either way this person will always harass me for some apparent reason. Please message me as soon as you can

Sincerly, Wally

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Trevor Staff

Dear Wally,
It appears to me that the person to whom you refer as “The Monster” is someone who is attracted to your boyfriend and is eager to break apart your relationship, and start a relationship between them. Moreover the harassment you experienced was directly related to your participation in Facebook. Now there are mechanisms through FB to report harassment, and have the appropriate actions taken by the management to block that individual. But that would be the extent of that. Now if “The Monster” actually made threats against you in any way, I would suggest you inform your local police department about it; especially in view of the fact that you have a phone number to which this “monster” can be traced. In recent years, law enforcement has taken internet threats by one individual to another more seriously than in the past.
Now the fact that you and your boyfriend had an argument, over what issue and for whatever reason, is perfectly normal in any relationship. I don’t know any couples who go through their relationship without any conflict. That’s probably an unattainable ideal. But what concerns me most with regard to yourself is your comment that you are “thinking about hurting myself”. But you also say that you realize that would be “immature”. Whether you are thinking about this because you are angry, or because you feel alone in all of this, or even if you are feeling a little depressed over the whole thing; you are not going to solve anything by using physical pain to cure some emotional pain. There is no reason for you to put yourself at physical risk, and there are more positive ways to relieve this emotional stress. Listen to some music you enjoy, or call another friend, or a trusted family member. Although what you are now experiencing may feel immediate and intense; most of the time this is transitory. But if these emotions linger and you still feel bad – to the extent that you are not enjoying the things you usually like to do; it is even more important to talk with a trusted adult; be it a parent, relative, doctor, teacher or school counselor.
This person, this “Monster” is not “always” going to harass you – but if it continues – as I recommended earlier, let the authorities know about it.
Please let us know how this works out for you. There is the Trevor LIfeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR, TrevorChat and TrevorSpace.